Thursday, June 30, 2011

“International” Mr. Leather, Indeed

(Published in Lavender Magazine, Issue #420, June 30, 2011)

This year’s International Mr. Leather contest showed once again how truly “international” the contest has become. Eric Guttierez, Mr. Leather Europe 2010, was chosen as the new International Mr. Leather on Sunday, May 29.

In his speech during the contest Guttierez described himself as “a typical European mix.” His parents are from Spain, he grew up “near the Belgian frontier,” and he now lives in the French Alps near the Swiss border.

First runner-up was Douglas Pamplin, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011. Second runner-up was Anthony Rollar, Mr. San Diego Leather 2010. The new International Mr. Bootblack is Jim Deuder from New York.

PHOTO: Left to right: Jim Deuder, Anthony Rollar, Eric Guttierez, Douglas Pamplin.

PHOTO: Left to right: Anthony Rollar, Eric Guttierez, Douglas Pamplin, Jim Deuder.

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