Friday, October 26, 2007

The Zen of Hankies

(Leather Life column published in Lavender Magazine, Issue #324, October 26, 2007)

Hankie haiku here
The zen of the hankie code
Read and you will know

Red hankie on left
You want to shove your fist where?
That sounds good to me

Dark red hankie right
I handle two fists at once
Even both of yours

Black right masochist
Breathlessly says thank you sir
May I have one more?

Grey in right pocket
I am a bondage bottom
Tie me up tightly

Charcoal hankie left
Rubber top looks for bottom
Latex is sexy

Mr. Businessman?
I’m flagging grey flannel right
Do you wear a suit?

Black and white checked left
I am into safer sex
I hope you are too

Yellow stripe on chaps
I am into watersports
I don’t mean swimming

Mustard hankie right
Tonight I’ll be a size queen
Got a big package?

Gold hankie on left
We are a loving couple
Looking for one more

Gold lamé flagged right
I like my men with muscles
Love your great physique

Apricot flagged right
Chubby means there’s more to love
I like them beefy

Tan in left or right
Cigar is just a cigar?
Let’s play and find out

Rust in left pocket
Cowboy seeking horse to ride
Yippee ki yi yay

Coral hanky left
Little piggies at market
Suck my toes, baby

Light pink right pocket
My tits are wired to my groin
Play with my nipples

Dark pink left pocket
I like to wield a dildo
Let me work on you

Fuchsia on left
Have you been a naughty boy?
Someone needs spanking

Lavender flagged right
You’re looking at a drag queen
Worship the diva

Red and white striped left
I like razors and lather
Need a shave, mister?

Purple left pocket
Looking for a piercing scene
Where’s my pin cushion?

Olive drab on left
Military drill sergeant
Follow orders, boy

Hunter green on right
Stud muffin boy on a quest
Are you my daddy?

Hustler here for hire
Kelly green in left pocket
I’m yours for a price

Robin’s egg blue left
Let us sing the glories of
The number 69

Medium blue left
Policeman wanting action
Obey the officer

White in right pocket
Brought to you by J and O
Simply the basics

Leopard hankie left
Let me show you my tattoos
I’m a work of art

Teddy bear flagged left
Want someone to cuddle with
Lots of big bear hugs

Tie-dyed hankie left
I’m a hippie and a top
Peace and love, brother

Cocktail napkin left
Wanna bed a bartender?
My shift ends at 2

Chamois left pocket
My motorcycle’s outside
Wanna come see it?

Doily right pocket
I’m a tea room toe tapper
Check out my wide stance

Stereo plug left
Sound system will fuck your ears
While I do the rest

Orange hankie left
I’m open to anything
What you got in mind?

For a rainbow tribe
A rainbow hankie spectrum
Now you understand

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