Friday, April 13, 2007

Leather Lens: Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2007

(Leather Life column published in Lavender Magazine, Issue #310, April 13, 2007)

Dan Beach captured the Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2007 title and sash Saturday evening, March 30. First runner-up was Rick Burgess, second runner-up was Eric Jensen, and third runner-up was Mark G. The contest was held in The Bolt Bar, next door to the Eagle, and the place was packed.

The evening’s contestants were introduced during the traditional Keg Walk, in which each contestant grabbed a beer keg on stage and paraded it through the crowd. Contestants also did an onstage Q&A session and performed some original and scintillating erotic readings. (The private interview portion of the contest had taken place earlier Saturday evening.)

Longtime friend of The Minneapolis Eagle and Bolt Brian Anderson was back for another entertaining year as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies. Judges were Mark Beckler, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2006; Gregg White, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2003; Sam Carlisle, representing The Atons of Minneapolis; and your humble columnist.

Beach will represent The Minneapolis Eagle and contest co-sponsor 1-800-GAY-LIVE in the 2007 International Mr. Leather contest (<>), Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

During the Keg Walk: Eric Jensen, Dan Beach, Rick Burgess.

At the microphone: Eric Jensen.

At the microphone: Dan Beach.

At the microphone: Rick Burgess.

At the microphone: Mark G.

Mr. Minneapolis Eagles 2007 Dan Beach and 2006 Mark Beckler.

Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2007 Dan Beach.

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