Friday, November 16, 2001


(Item for “Whatever!” column published in Lavender Magazine, Issue #169, November 16, 2001)

Does anybody besides us think it’s a waste to trash the soon-to-be-former Guthrie Theater? Does anybody else think the Guthrie will be losing a large and irreplaceable chunk of its history? Does anybody besides us see a certain hypocrisy on the part of the Walker Art Center? They’ll champion modern art and architecture unless it inconveniently happens to be part of their own building—then they want to tear it down.

Seriously, with all the theater and music in this town how can the present Guthrie building have “no future purpose”? Aren’t there plenty of other performance groups around that would give various assorted body parts to be able to have that space for their performances?

But then, don’t mind us—first of all, we’re queer, so what would you expect, and secondly, we still haven’t forgiven the city of Minneapolis for allowing the demolition of the Metropolitan Building in the early 1960’s. Some people never learn.

If you think it’s a crime to tear down the Guthrie, visit (founded by local musician Paul Metsa) and get involved.

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