Friday, May 24, 1996

Upcoming Leather Events

(Published in Lavender Lifestyles Magazine, Issue #26, May 24, 1996)

There’s so much going on in the next two weeks that this entire column is devoted to upcoming leather events. Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the summer leather season in style with the International Mr. Leather contest and other related leather festivities in Chicago (as well as some major Bear events the same weekend). For those not traveling to Chicago this weekend the Atons present a military/uniform-themed event, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” that makes me wish yet again I could learn to be in two places at the same time.

The following weekend the Knights of Leather present the first run of summer, “Knights Tournament Eight,” and W.I.L.L.O.W. Productions presents “Ludicrous Leather Prom Night.” And the weekend after that the Black Guard team up with the Unicorns of Madison for a “Rod’s Remembrance” beer bust (and please note that this event happens on a Saturday as opposed to the expected Sunday.)

So much for the overview—here are the details, event by event.

PHOTO: Michael deLeon

Good Luck to Michael deLeon, Mr. Minnesota Leather 1996, this weekend at the International Mr. Leather Contest in Chicago!

The Atons present “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
Sunday, May 26, 5-9 pm
Gay 90’s Men’s Room Bar (use 4th street side entrance)

Since it’s being held on Memorial Day Weekend, this event features an “I Love A Man In Uniform” contest. $7 admission ($5 with uniform or shirtless) gets you free keg beer & soda and free food from 5:30-7:30 pm. (The Atons’ last event, “Tax Time,” also encouraged shirtlessness and proved to be quite festive.)

Knights of Leather present “Knights Tournament Eight”
May 31-June 2
This medieval-themed run, complete with village square, is held at a private camp within a 16,000-acre wooded state park. Sleeping cabins have military bunks but no electricity; modern toilet and shower facilities do have electricity. Five home-cooked meals are provided (one of which is a fabulous medieval banquet), as well as continuous pop, sparkling water, beer, non-alcoholic beer, coffee and snacks. Weekend events include workshops, demonstrations and fantasies, and dungeon space is available all weekend. Cost is $115; for further information or to register call the Knights.

W.I.L.L.O.W. Productions presents “Ludicrous Leather Prom Night”
Sunday, June 2, 5-9 pm, Gay 90’s Dance Annex
Ever wish you could turn back the clock and escort someone (or be escorted) to the high school prom of your dreams? Now’s your chance! And a fine, twisted leather prom it will be, too, so get your date lined up soon. (Singles also welcome, of course—unlike in high school.) Wear your fantasy prom attire—formal, leather, whatever. Suitable prom-type music will range from the 50’s to the 90’s. Highlight of the evening will be the crowning of the Leather Dominus and Domineer (royalty contest open to all couples); plans call for the lucky couple to win a champagne dinner for two at the 90’s. All this and entertainment, free food and beer. Your host for the evening: Ms. Minnesota Leather 1996 Darlette Knox in her last fundraiser before the International Ms. Leather contest. $5 at the door.

Black Guard & Unicorns present “Rod’s Remembrance” Beer Bust
SATURDAY, June 8, 4-9 p.m. Gay 90’s Men’s Room Bar
When Madison’s Hotel Washington complex burned to the ground it meant a significant loss for Madison’s GLBT community. And it meant the loss of Rod’s, the leather bar in the basement (the first bar in which I ever wore a harness—ah, those were the days!) Happily, the owners plan to rebuild. In the meantime, come support the Unicorns and bring your memories of Rod’s. ($5 cover; free beer, food, prizes.)

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