Friday, September 29, 1995

The Time-Delay Factor

(Published in Lavender Lifestyles Magazine, Issue #9, September 29, 1995)

There are things about writing a column I still haven’t quite figured out. For instance, the time-delay factor: I’m writing this column before going to San Francisco for the International Mr. Drummer contest and the Folsom Street Fair. By the time this column hits the streets I’ll be back in the Twin Cities and the new International Mr. Drummer will have been crowned. So I have a choice—I can write in future-tense, which is appropriate now, as I’m sitting here writing. Or I can write in past-tense, which will be appropriate when the magazine comes out. What to do, what to do?

Well, let’s be realistic about this. There’s no way I could write about it past-tense, since the question on everyone’s lips would be “Who won the contest?” And there would be no way I could answer that. So I will be honest and tell you (in future tense) that I’m going to San Francisco as one of the sponsors of Alvin Robinson, our Great Lakes Mr. Drummer 1995. I am going as a journalist. (I get a press pass and everything!) And I am going for a reunion with a lot of the guys I competed against last year, including the outgoing International Mr. Drummer 1995, Keith Hunt. Keith will be “roasted” by various members of the leather community during a cruise on San Francisco Bay the Friday night before the contest. Next issue, I promise I’ll tell you who won, and I’ll have as many details of the weekend as I can shoehorn into this space.


Mr. Minnesota Leather Contest

October 6 and 7

Something will happen at this contest that’s been a long time coming. J.D. Laufman, who has held a few titles over the years, will finally get to step down from one. You may think that’s a minor point, but it isn’t. The fact that I got to step down from my title makes me one of the lucky ones. After a year of holding my title, it felt good to give that final public performance and to hear the applause one last time. It completed the experience for me. I know a lot of other people who have held titles and didn’t get to have a stepdown. J.D., due to the whims of circumstance, didn’t have a public stepdown from his year as Great Lakes Mr. Drummer 1993, and the same goes for the titles he held before that, Mr. Minnesota Drummer 1993 and Mr. Leather Gay 90’s 1991. Now, finally, he can step down from Mr. Minnesota Leather 1995 and pass on the title to the lucky winner of Mr. Minnesota Leather 1996.

Friday, October 6, there will be a meet-the-contestants beer bash in the Men’s Room bar at the Gay 90’s 9 p.m.-1 a.m. The actual contest is on Saturday, October 7, 4-9 p.m. in the Gay 90’s Dance Annex. Friday-night beer-bash admission is $6 at the door; Saturday-night contest admission is $12 at the door. Weekend package tickets (admission to both events) are $15 and are available from the bartenders in the Men’s Room bar.

Other Upcoming Events

The Mr. Minnesota Leather contest kicks off an October that’s filled with interesting events. Sunday, October 15 marks the first annual Mr. MNBear Contest. Yes, that’s right, it’s the first one. The Bear contest that was held about a year ago was the Mr. Minnesota Bear contest—a different contest with different promoters. That contest was won by Corliss W. Resor, who is finishing up his title year as Mr. Minnesota Bear 1994-95. Corliss has been very active in the community and has been involved in many events, including fundraisers and “entertaining the troops.” Unfortunately, he’s another titleholder who will probably not have the luxury of stepping down from his title (see my previous comments about stepping down). Take a bow, Corliss, you done yourself (and the community) proud.

The next Sunday, October 22, is the Minnesota Leather Den’s Chamber of Horrors II. New Den President BK tells me the Den has been working very hard and it should be a memorable Halloween experience, so mark your calendars now! Also, anyone interesting in helping the Den construct the Chamber of Horrors can come to the Club Metro at 6 p.m. on Tuesday nights now through October 17.

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